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The first book is finished, on to the second one

Last year, I participated in Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe’s “Write Your Book in a Month” course. This involves writing a book for an hour every day in the morning as well as in the evening and finishing the book after a month. This was hard work for me. Too hard. After half an hour of writing, concentration often ran out. My ADD brain is more of the short and powerful sprints. After a month, the book was not finished, but I had a great start. In the end, it became my self-directed “Write Your Book in a Year. The book has the working title“The War on Time” and is about my struggle with time.

Good enough, but not good enough to spend

I myself am satisfied with the final result. A manuscript of about 30,000 words with nice structure. Good enough to jump over my own bar of perfectionism, but not good enough to go further. Editor Jet Hopster found it enjoyable after reading a few chapters, but not useful enough to further develop into a book that could be published. Too bad, but not to worry. With this experience, I will try again with a new book, a nice goal for next year.


Writing helps me structure my thoughts on a topic that is on my mind. It’s nice when others can also do something with my writing, which is why I publish these weekly blogs. Becoming a well-known author of self-help books is not an end in itself. The image of writing for hours on end scares me. For that, I would have to leave too many other things like enjoying sports. What helps me do the writing is to do it in small increments with occasional Pomodoro where I spend 25 minutes concentrating. Just enough to also publish a 300-word blog every time, I like it short and sweet.

Would you also like to try developing a writing routine?
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Job Baart de la Faille

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