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How collect ideas, notes and tasks

By 6 March 2024March 15th, 2024No Comments

A smart Get Shit Done system helps you organize your work and personal affairs. The steps for getting organized properly consist of: Gathering, Organizing and Doing, abbreviated VOD. After all, you want to tidy up the rags in your life so that there is time for fun things (that you want to do spontaneously) and creativity (with a head full of rags, there is no room for creativity). Over the past few years, I have tested many technologies, apps and apps. I thought it was time to list my favorites.

Favorite tools for smart collecting

  • Rocketbook for notes. Sometimes you don’t want to mess around with a laptop or phone for a while but just want to write to capture things. Then Rocketbook is a great solution with a combination between analog and digital. Easily take notes with an erasable pen and digitize with the included app on the phone. Why not a digital notebook? For now, they are too expensive and lack a good interface with Google Worksuite or Ms365.
  • Braintoss app for quickly capturing images, voice messages (speech to text) or simple text notes. Because the information is emailed to an email address, this works easier than emailing myself, taking pictures or jotting down text in a loose note.
  • Todoist app for instant task collection. Todoist is to date the best task manager I have worked with. By quickly dumping brainfarts to something you need to do into Todoist’s inbox, you’ll never forget anything.
  • A good app for a Digital Archive. I worked with Evernote for a long time, but the performance and features of this digital dino are no longer worth the cost. In training sessions, I work with OneNote which works great with a business Ms 365 environment. A simple quick fix if you use Google is Google Keep .

Just having the right tools won’t get you there. You also have to use it smartly and clean up neatly on a regular basis. For that, we prefer to use smart routines.

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