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The benefit of an injury

Execution score 2%

While training on a tight Garmin schedule for a fast 10K run, I suffered yet another injury. Previously, I suffered from multiple torn ankle ligaments, a broken nose twice, a broken collarbone, a torn cruciate ligament, a torn meniscus twice, a whiplash, a runners knee, a sweaters knee and just about every muscle and tendon in my body that I sprained. And then also a mental injury in the form of depression.

Previously, I became glum from an injury because I could not exercise which I desperately need to regulate my energy and stress. Regularly I wondered if my body and mind would ever be well again.

A fantastic device

Now I was actually calm about it. With admiration, I could watch as my body made my fat ankle better again. First the fluid in the ankle drained and then the ligaments around the ankle began to repair. Fantastic! There is no device in this world that you can break so many times and it fixes itself nicely by itself.

It occurred to me that an injury is also an invitation to get to know your body even better. That consists of learning about what caused the injury and quietly doing exercises to improve muscle strength and restore balance. I have come to appreciate Youtube for the millions of videos with exercises to train strength and balance.

Target missed?

Did my goal of running a fast 10K time fail? I can argue that the goal was not met. But I did have a lot of fun during the workouts and I am grateful that my body is repairing itself. Again, the road was the goal.

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