Are you fed up with the ratrace? Learn how to work smarter not harder. Keeping track of the things you need to do. Create space to do what you really like. Reduce FOMO. Build focus. Step by step. Not all at once. With smart habits. Every day a small step to get better.


If you want to change things in your life you will have to change the way you work, think, do and dream. Behavioural change is hard. But you can learn how you change best.

How to change behaviour?

There are a lot of complex coaching models out there but you van only do two things:

Start new wanted behaviour

Stop unwanted behaviour

If you learn to work with fixed routines this behavioural change becomes easier.

What is to difference with traditional coaching?

The disadvantage of traditional coaching with weekly sessions is that you talk a lot but this does not change your behaviour. To change this we use daily online checkin sessions to work on small steps.