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Back to the pub of Social Media


A few years ago, after a month without Instagram, I decided to stop. That was wonderfully quiet, no Fomo but Jomo. Despite that, I decided that I want to grow Habits at Work a little further to help more people. For a long time, I tried that without ads (Ads suck), but unfortunately I don’t get past the tipping point. So I took the plunge again and rigged up an Instagram campaign to get people out of the digital pub. After I have been away from aSocial media for a few years, it struck me especially how violently usage works on your thoughts, ideas and how a black hole of time is created if you don’t manage to stop Bingescrolling in time. My timeline on Instagram is full of cat videos, kitchen tricks, fitness tips and coaches coaching coaches. After 15 minutes of scrolling, I have a headache from all the impulses, the brain has to process all this clutter anyway when I look at it.

Old internet boomer

Around 2000, I had the honor of being one of the first web designers to shape the web. Then I spent 15 years in a proprietary Internet working on e-commerce websites. I was very excited about the possibilities and opportunities to use the Internet to make the world a little better. Now when I see what has come of that, it is a complete commercial mess. While setting up the campaign for Instagram, it became clear to me once again how much data is collected from users through cookies. For those who are not tech savvy, it may be hard to understand, but it is incredible how we all give away our privacy, precious time and attention for free to wealthy Tech companies on the other side of the world, who then sell it back to corporations. The result is that we have all become addicted to these stimuli and lost touch with ourselves.

Hope is a duty

Since I have learned that just looking black makes you depressed, I still put my shoulders to the wheel to help people color within their own lines. Hope is a duty, so we’re getting back on track to create a better digital world.

So, this“rant” had to get off my chest, boldly forward.

Online Coaching

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Job Baart de la Faille

Ik ben een online coach die je helpt om slimmer te werken (en niet harder). Via online coaching help ik je om jouw eigen systeem en gedrag te ontwikkelen.

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